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I got this on Steam and I've really enjoyed it so far! I love the choice for the art style, and you've definitely captured the Junji Ito vibe while still doing something that feels new and unique. I'm going to spend some time going through and getting the other endings. This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to play for Halloween.


Thanks for the nice feedback. Glad you're getting a kick out of it for this Halloween XD

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This game was SO fun! I had a blast finding every single ending. The progression of events felt very natural. Sometimes surviving a scary situation is pure luck, sometimes smart choices help, and most of the time there's no way to completely win - so this game feels realistic to me in that aspect. It made the eerie, oppressive atmosphere a lot more intense too.

Another thing that added to the tension was the slow development of the main two characters and their friendship. When you actually care about the characters it raises the stakes a lot, and I don't know about other players but I definitely got invested in Rachel and Anita.

Also I'm not easily scared but a couple moments got to me, which I enjoyed! Your art style captures the whole vibes very well in general.

The Mac version won't open on my end :( I know the game's available on Steam as well, any chance I could get a Steam key?


Hi, thanks for reaching out. Are you running the latest OS for Mac? The Steam version uses the same file so that won't help. I'll look into this some more and will keep you informed if I can get you a version that you can open. 

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm on OS Catalina. I'm not sure if it would work in this particular case but I had a previous experience where a game launched sucessfully through Steam even though the direct file on didn't work.


Aha. I'll ask a friend of mine who has a Mac to try out the file and see if it works. The Steam library only has a Windows version at this time, since Apple needs to test the product before they allow the game to be available. I hope I can get the Mac version on there for December though, so I'll be sure to message you a key.

Sounds good, thank you!


Send me an email at and I'll send you a key